Top 6 Brilliant Ways to Keeping Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning


It is good to note that home cooling takes up to 5% of the energy consumed in the U.S. every year. This is a clear indication that a lot of energy is wasted. In order to conserve it, homeowners are advised to adopt some ways on how to cool homes. Explored in this article are some effective ways to keeping your home cool without air conditioning.House Cooling 01

1. Reflect the Heat

If you are accustomed to opening windows during the day, you should consider investing in some reflective window films. These will help keep the heat outside. Shop around for the most effective reflective window films, which can even prevent the harmful UV rays from penetrating.

2. Home Insulation

To keep the cool air inside, you may consider sealing off all the gaps in your house where air might be escaping. These locations are mostly found at the bottom of windows, doors and rooftops. So, you should consider insulating such points to ensure that cool air does not escape.

3. Avoid Using Incandescent Lights

These types of lights consume a lot of energy. Also, they generate a lot more heat. It is, therefore, advisable to use either CFL or LED light bulbs in your house. These use heat sparingly and do not emit a lot of heat. That way, you are going to cool your home.

House Cooling 024. Make Sure Your Ceiling Fans Rotate Anticlockwise

Modern fans have a switch to reverse the direction. You want the fan to go clockwise during winter to push the warm air down. But during summer, you are advised to reverse the direction to circulate cool air. To make your house remain cool, you need to switch to counterclockwise.

5. Plant Trees

If you can, try to plant as many trees as possible on the side of your house that experiences a lot of sun. Note that extra shade definitely protects your home from direct sun rays.

6. Dress AppropriatelyHouse Cooling 03

Consider wearing loose-fitting and light clothes. These will keep you cool at all times. Avoid wearing heavy cotton clothes since they will keep you warm always.


Other effective ways to keeping your home cool without air conditioning include avoiding the use of ovens, cooling yourself using a wet towel and heat-proofing your bed, among others. Consider putting all these methods into practice and you will end up saving money on your energy bills.