Why Trees Are Very Important

Planting trees for shade 5

Trees have a lot of functions. They make a good environment for humans and animals. The following are some functions of trees:

Trees use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a by-product. Without oxygen, human beings and other animals would not be alive. Forests act as a massive air filter. They clean the air you breath. It is estimated that a large tree can produce oxygen inPlanting trees for shade 1 a season that can be used by more than ten people the whole year. Unfortunately, most people are not aware how trees are very important.

Noise Pollution
Trees can kill the loud noise that is produced by motorways and airports. In fact, trees that are grown or placed in certain areas can be quite effective as walls.

During winter months, trees offer an excellent support system to break down the extra strong winter winds. This helps reduce the heating costs that are incurred during these winter months. The reduction of wind is very important as it keeps soil in place. Moreover, it reduces drying effect of soil and vegetation.

Trees play an important role in cleaning the air you breathe. Planting trees for shade 2They remove various pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. This is possible by absorbing pollutants and reducing temperature through respiration.

Planting trees for shade is quite important for you and your family. Also, it improves the aesthetic value of your backyard. You will find the shade very useful during the warm summer months. Trees lower temperatures and provide shade. Countries with little access to air conditioning units can plant shade trees.

Cleaning soil
Trees offer filter like systems that reduce harmful pollutants. In fact, they change pollutants into less harmful pollutants. They can store the farm chemicals, sewerage, and clear air. They can also purify the runoff water into rivers and streams.

Carbon dioxide
Trees are known to absorb carbon dioxide. They store it in leaves, root, and wood of the tree. They use it to manufacture their food. It is stored not like harmful greenhouse gases. Therefore, by having it locked away and stored in the tree, it is not harmful.

Great scenery
Trees are very wonderful and beautiful to look at any given season. Forest trees can make a difference to any particular area. They can also increase property prices. Unfortunately, most people are taking trees for granted. They forget they are the reason why they exist.